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Ealing CCG – Respiratory “Hot” Hub – Mattock Lane Health Centre

Practice Name: Ealing CCG - Respiratory "Hot" Hub - Mattock Lane Health Centre
PCT: Ealing CCG
Contact_Name: Neha
Email_address: ealccg.transformation@nhs.ne
Surgery_Address_including_Postcode: Mattock Lane Health Centre, 78 Mattock Lane, Ealing W13 9NZ
Brief_description_of_Pratice: SystmOne experience required
Number_of_GPs: 2
Practice_Computer_System: Please Choose
Description_of_Post: Ealing CCG is in the process of setting up the first HUB at mattock lane site. We are anticipating to go live on Friday 27th March. Hub to run from 10am to 7pm. The shift duration will be 3 hrs and we need 1 GP and 2 HCAs and an admin for each shift. In addition, we are looking for a Senior GP for each shift to take a lead on triage and to provide secondary advice. GPs will be paid £110 per hour, HCA and Admin rates will be confirmed shortly. Please can you email ealccg.transformation@nhs.net to provide your availability. Payment will be arranged through West London NHS Trust.